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Originally called Price Club, Costco began in 1976, serving small business. Over time, they changed their model to offer their services to non-business members. This began the growth of the warehouse club model. The first location was in Seattle, Washington. Now operating in eight countries, there are over 700 warehouses worldwide. Their main competiton is the BJ's Warehouse line of stores. In terms of big-box bulk stores, Costco is the creme de la creme. As a member of Costco, you will enjoy great deals on everyday items and household products. As a one-stop shop for all of your needs, for the price of a small annual membership fee you can enjoy huge savings. With a Costco membership, you will benefit from hot deals on the best brands, like Apple, Samsung, Nature Valley, and bareMinerals. You have access to the best prices on home improvement items, household wares, groceries, beauty supplies, and more. The products are affordable, and Costco also offers an array of budget-friendly services, like low-cost insurance programs and maintenance and repair options. They even offer a a mortgage program. Can't find that at Walmart. Some of the more popular items sold at Cosco include bacon - lots of varieties - and chicken. Also popular are there sheet cakes, for families or businesses looking for a cheap, fast alternative to smaller bakeries. One wild item that is a favorite is the 93 inch tall plush bear. Fun for kids, for sure. And remember - many items are sold in bulk or larger than normal size. So the big isn't too out of place here. Another perk people enjoy are the Costco Food Courts, which might not be a fancy place to eat, but can be a quick - and low cost -alternative when you have been out shopping for hours and just need to get off your feet. They offer sandwiches, burgers, pizza, salads and of course their ever-popular $1.50 hot dog and soda.

Shopping Tips

  1. For a small annual fee, you can access awesome deals on bulk grocery items and other services. Coupons help save you more money!
  2. Price adjustments are available within a month of your purchase - just contact customer service to initiate this service.
  3. As a member, you receive a complimentary two-year warranty on all of your appliances.
  4. With free tech support, you can save money on any repairs for electronics purchased at Costco.
  5. Apart from electronics, like tablets, TVs, and cameras, which have a three-month return policy, almost all items can be returned at any time.

Customer Service
Phone: 800-955-2292

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