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So many homes have laptops or desktop computers, and so many of them are PCs, a preferred computer style for millions. And so many of these PCs are from Dell, the American company that operates worldwide and continues to develop and innovate the computing world, with so many different products and services. Dell has also become the largest worldwide shipper of PC monitors, for home computing or video gaming use. Not only do they develop and sell computer tech, they offer repairs and support for users of their products. Dell began as PC's Limited in the 80s before transforming into the giant they are today, based in Texas. Dell manufactures and sells PCs in laptop and desktop formats for home and business use, as well as the previously mentioned monitors and accessories, gaming computers, servers for businesses and more. Products can be purchased on their web site, as well as through a variety of vendors, like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more. On their site, however, shoppers can take advantage of sales and deals, like 6 months financing on purchases over $299.00, and up to 6% back in rewards. Browse through their many deals on so many products, from PCs and laptops to TVs and soundbars and more. If you are running a business, big or small, you can get help to make the best computing system to work for you, with small business solutions, big data options, cloud computing info and more. You can even get training and certification through Dell. And their services and warranties are unique and always there to make things easier for users, as is their customer support options. The aforementioned deals are found throughout their site, as well as the various methods to finance some of these larger purchases, whether you are making a home purchase, or something for your business. Dell has your interest in mind.

Shopping Tips

  1. Dell offers a 30 day return policy on all electronics and computers. This is more generous than other retailers, so be sure to take that time to ensure that you are satisfied with your system.
  2. Dell frequently offers promo Gift Cards bundled with electronics and computer systems. These cards expire within 90 days, but can be used on anything, including game consoles, TVs, etc. If you're approaching the expiration date of your gift card, it makes sense to pick something up that is "MAPed", like a Nintendo Switch or PS4.
  3. Dell offers 30 days of price protection. So if the price drops on something you've bought from Dell, you just need to contact customer service, and they will refund the difference.
  4. We've read reports that Dell's resolution team has the power to make price adjustments to encourage shoppers to keep items rather than returning them. So, if you order a TV but find a better deal elsewhere before the TV arrives, we recommend reaching out to customer service. They might offer you an extra incentive to accept delivery.

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-624-9897

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